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Jul 28, 2012
Geraldine Mellet

WA & NDIS – a work in progress

The future of the NDIS is definitely a work in progress. See the latest press release from WA Premier Colin Barnett :

‘I have today written to the Prime Minister reaffirming the WA Government’s support for a National Disability Insurance Scheme. I understand the Commonwealth Government is happy with the proposed funding arrangements for a WA launch site, but further discussion is needed as to how the scheme would be administered.

The Prime Minister has acknowledged that WA has the best system in Australia. Under the system, approximately 70 per cent of the funding in WA is already delivered through not-for-profit organisations and we are also developing the My Way package to give people more choice and greater control over the services they receive. This is a key objective of the NDIS.

In the letter I have proposed some middle ground on the governance arrangements which, if agreed to by the Commonwealth, would allow for a launch site to proceed in WA. Our site would be a large trial, covering some 7800 people.

It’s worth noting that more than 70 per cent of the funding for disability services already comes from State Governments. the WA Government spends more per capita on disability services than the Commonwealth had requested as a commitment from the States”


  • Are old aged pensioners going to be covered by this scheme or not If we are still going to left to the age system to look after us ….well there is very little there from what I seen

  • Not-for-profit provision in our experience often are inefficient in utilising funds on duplicated administrative and marketing objectives across organisations. We have paid a small fortune to not for profits for early intervention for our son. Mainstreaming has failed him and he is still not having his needs met. Mr Barnet I witnessed you open Warnboro Community High School some years ago now as a young enthusiastic teacher. I was inspired by your vision for modern education and a better future. I did not anticipate on having a child with multiple disabilities at that time. I only wish your vision could be as articulate as that of Bill Shorten whom spoke latst year with great empathy for the horendous strain and isolation that caring for children with disabilities brings. What is lacking is the articulation of your understanding of the intolerable stress and frustration not to mention poverty facing these families. It is disapointing to say the least. There is much room for genuine discussion and genuine care of our most in need in a civilised society.

    • I am new to the Federal Govt and new to posting ctnmemos. I am almost embarassed to ask my question because my disability is not physical. I have Attention Deficit Disorder, with some Obessive-Compulsive Disorder mixed in with the ADD. I work for the Department of Labor OSHA as a Compliance Safety and Health Officer. I wanted to know if ADD is considered a disability with the Federal Government. I have been told the Office may not have a place for you as a Compliance Officer because of my ADD. I was told they have not dealt with anyone with ADD before. AND I was also told the DOL may not even have a place for you to work or fit in. Can I be dismissed that easily or placed on a PIP; and/or told if I do not increase my case load and decrease my lapse times comparable with all the other CSHOs (new and senior) that I can be fired? Thank you for your time.

  • Are you talking about beneifts under a workers comp policy, or disability policy? It matters! Under workers comp, depending on what state you’re in, you can be required to be reviewed by an IME every few years. Under disability, the usual and customary occupation clause usually expires after 2-3 years, then it’s any occupation which requires another evaluation.

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