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Feb 23, 2012
I Count

Tara Powell’s Story

I was diagnosed with a chronic condition in my mide twenties, which was described by a neurologist as ‘clearly very disabling’. It took years of tests, medications and physical therapy to get me back to being independent. Without and financial and practical support of my partner I would not have been able to access the services I needed to stabilise my condition.
Most people are not as lucky as me – to have someone to help with the costs of living and accessing health care services.
My cousin is also disabled, but with chronic health problems (multiple surgeries, medication) and living on a pension she is having trouble with studying (fatigue) and cannot access the services that could stabilise her chronic condition and go back to getting a qualification then a job.
Help people improve their quality of life and have the options in life that most people take for grant. This will in turn reduce their dependence on Centrelink, community and health services – reducing costs and waiting lists.

Tara Powell

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