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Aug 8, 2012
Fiona Anderson

Premier Newman: where’s your NDIS plan?

In the last few days, Premier Newman has received over 1090 emails from Queensland NDIS campaigners, urging him to rethink his economic priorities and place investing in the NDIS at the top of his to-do list.

Every Australian Counts NDIS rally 30 April 2012Families of children with disability have visited the Premier at his electorate office, armed with long lists of how much it costs families to pay for early intervention therapy and equipment – that does not receive decent funding in Queensland.

National and Queensland media have reported the Premier’s refusal to reprioritise government spending to partially pay for an NDIS launch site, unlike LNP governments in NSW and VIC, whose initial reluctance evaporated in the face of public outrage.

And in the last few days Premier Newman’s approval rating has fallen by 9 points.

Maybe Premier Newman should listen to another LNP luminary – Jeff Kennett.  The former Victorian premier – not known to be a big spender in his time running Victoria – has urged the federal Liberal-National Party to work out how to fund the NDIS. Jeff says:

 “The NDIS is the most important social policy of our time.  

We must work out how it can be afforded”

Like economic commentators across the country, Jeff Kennett knows that the NDIS is a good investment. It will generate a positive economic return on investment. And it’s a critical reform that is long-overdue to Australians with disability and their families.

Queenslanders who want our government to invest in the NDIS need to keep the pressure on our elected MPs an d our Premier.

Can you email Premier Newman today?   Tell him Queensland cannot miss out on the economic and social benefits of the NDIS. We expect the Queensland government to outline a plan for how Queensland will invest in the NDIS.


  • I’m sure it says somewhere in government paperwork that the public servant/politician is legally liable if someone with a disability suffers neglect / injury because they have failed to show duty of care and safety procedures that they and the rest of the Australian public enjoy??

  • Dear Mr Newman
    I am the mother of a profoundly disabled 20 year old son for whom I am the primary carer. My sons multiple disabilities dictate that he require 1:1 support 24 hrs/ day 7 days/week and comes at a great cost to myself and my family emotionally, financially and physically. With the proposed NDIS we have a better chance of having my sons needs met, providing him with the equipment and specialised therapies suited to him, and offer him the opportunity to lead what is defined for him a meaningful life. Without the NDIS it will be almost certain that in the future I will have to relinquish his care as I will be unable to maintain adequate support to meet his needs. This will cost the Qld Govt an estimated 300 hundred thousand dollars per/ year to take over his full time care. The NDIS is a long term insurance for the state of Qld to ensure hundreds of families who are currently inadequately supported in their caring roles don’t find themselves in crisis and have no alternative than to reliquish the care of their disabled person to ensure that individual is provided with the care they require.
    It is quite possibly the most poignant social injustice our state has ever experienced to not establish the NDIS in Qld and offer those most vulnerable members of our society the right to live with dignity, safety and a meaningful existence.
    I urge you to reconsider your decision to not include Qld in the NDIS, as its not a matter of we can’t afford it, but rather a matter of we can’t afford not to.
    Kate Fitton

  • Dear Premier Newman,
    As your name implies I would ask you to become a new man & reconsider your position re support for the NDIS.
    If you consider finding a workable formula to enable you to invest in the NDIS is too difficult please consider seriously how you would handle a situation (both politically & financially) if we were to leave those people we are Carers of at your office for you to deal with personally.
    In anticipation of you coming down from your Ivory Tower & joining with the people of your State to support the NDIS
    Yours sincerely
    Robin Kitching

  • Mr Newman. Please Please Please. Have a heart and support the NDIS. Otherwise there will be alot of relinquishment of son’s and daughters from parents and carer’s in the near future. Why don’t you try stepping into a parents shoes for a least a week Mr Newman. I know I would win a bet against you Mr Newman. You would not last an hour in my shoes or any other mothers shoes.
    Please bring the NDIS to Queensland. I’m sure there is money somewhere.
    PS. Why don’t you all give up an oversea’s holiday for once and put that money towards it.

  • I ask you to reconsider your motives in deciding not to support the NDIS. The disabled and their carers carry an extraordinary burden that is onerous, unjust and constant. What right have we, the non-disabled, to ignore this in a country that espouses equality of opportunity for all? I would go as far as saying it is unAustralian to allow that situation in Queensland to continue.

  • Dear Mr Newman

    I am writing to ask that you invest and support the NDIS, Disbailiy continues to grow in AUS and many carers are sufferning not only emotionally but economically, physically and mentally. The NDIS will only allievate this burden for many. Addressing the needs of person with a disbaility and their carers should be a priority and not ignored. Every human has their rights and opportunity and theorfore this should be evident within the disability sector and the carers. I Urge you to consider the petitions and think about what these families experiance and sacrifice on a day to day basis. Thank you

  • Will the NDIS apply support for a New Zealander living in Australia who has a disability?

    Dear Mr Newman

    Department of Communities Disability Services Queensland (In part)

    Policy Statement:August 2007
    People with a disability are eligible to apply for services funded or provided by Disability
    Services Queensland where they meet the following criteria:

    1. the person is one of the following:
    • an Australian citizen;
    • a permanent Australian resident;
    • a Temporary Protection Visa holder1;
    a New Zealand citizen who arrived in Australia prior to 26 February 2001

    What is your understanding of this?

    Will NDIS take this stand also?

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