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Aug 23, 2012
John Della Bosca

Parliament must work together to lock in the NDIS

Parliament must work together to lock in the NDIS

23rd August 2012

The Every Australian Counts campaign for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) calls for true multi-partisanship from the nation’s political leaders and MPs, to progress the NDIS nationally and in each state and territory.

To lock in the NDIS both major political parties must outline how they will fully fund the national roll-out beyond launch sites to start in 2013, and support legislation enshrining the scheme.

While the NDIS – which promises to be one of Australia’s greatest social policy reforms – must be actively supported and progressed by Parliament as a whole, it should not be viewed as being “owned’ by Parliament.

The NDIS must be owned by the people it is intended to support – people with disability, their families and carers.

“The true “owners” of the NDIS simply do not care about party politics,” says campaign director John Della Bosca.

“They just want the NDIS progressed so that the launches take place from July 2013, learnings are made and the NDIS is rolled out nationally so that it delivers for the 410,000 people with disability who have waited decades for a fair, effective, personalised system of disability support .”

“The NDIS launches in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania are a solid first step.”

“The next step we expect to see by the end of this year is genuine multi-partisan political support to legislate the NDIS – that is what will ensure the NDIS becomes reality.”

Australians are shocked at the struggles people continue to endure with Australia’s dysfunctional disability systems, deprived of the equipment, support and therapy they need to live a decent life.

“Australians will not let the NDIS become a political football “says Mr Della Bosca. “Everyone knows someone who has a disability or who supports and cares for someone with a disability.  Disability is close to home for most Australians.”

“We expect political opponents across successive federal and state parliaments to work together constructively for the greater good of all Australians who need the NDIS now and in the future”.

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  • Well said John, whilst the launch sites are a very solid step forward – we are not there yet and must keep up the campaign to ensure that the NDIS becomes real across the Nation as planned in the PC report.

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