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Jul 10, 2012
James O'Brien

NDIS forum in Geelong on Weds 18 July with Senator Mitch Fifield

Senator Mitch Fifield is the Shadow Minister for Disabilities, Carers and the Voluntary Sector and has been the main driver of the NDIS within the Federal Coalition.

He has also been a busy man in recent weeks attending a number of community forums to promote and discuss the NDIS.

The Coalition support the NDIS and say:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an idea whose time has come. It has to be done responsibly but it does have to be done. The Coalition will do whatever we reasonably can to make it happen as soon as possible and would accept a Government invitation to be jointly responsible for this vital national project.

We are pleased to announce that Mitch will be the guest at a NDIS forum at 98 High Street Geelong on Wednesday 18 July 2012 from 10.30am -12noon.

The forum is being co-sponsored between local Geelong service provider and NDIS supporters Karingal and Victorian Liberal Senator Michael Ronaldson.

The forum will be a great chance to ensure the NDIS remains a top priority for our Federal politicians and remains high in the public agenda.

To rsvp for this forum, please email or call 5245 8904.

Picture: Senator Mitch Fifield (left) with Federal MP for Aston Alan Tudge.



  • The NDIS needs to happen in the near future.
    Families,carers of people with a disability do not need to hear that the coalition will only implement the NDIS when and if their government are succesful and when their budget is in surplus.
    The system is already is crisis.
    This requires bi partisan support at all levels for 2 million Australians living with disabilities to ensure the disabled have a dignified existence for themselves and certainty for parents and carers.
    Faye and Mick Bergin

    • I receive 60 peradcent V.A. disadabiladity and just stretad receivading my early social secuadrity benadeadfits. There is a cap on earnadings of 14,160.00 if you draw early social secuadrity benadeadfits. Will my VA disadabiladity income count as earnings?

  • What a lie this has turned out to be! With Premier Baillieu stepping away from the stated commitments referred to in the article about, the Victorian Government is demonstrating through its choice of finding priorities to show the it does not support people who have disabilities needs nor their carers. The most worrying thing is that the partisan support Baillieu has shown for their fellow Federal Liberals means Joe Hockey’s speech in London entitled The End of the Age of Entitlement is the true vision for the future of social support in Australia. SHAME on Premier Baillieu and SHAME on the Federal Lib leadership – pursuit of power and privilege at the expense of those who can least afford it.

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