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May 8, 2012

Media release: NDIS: Budget makes it real

The Every Australian Counts campaign welcomes tonight’s historic announcement that $1 billion will be allocated over the next four years towards the launch of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Budget allocation includes $342.5 million over three years for individualised packages for people with a disability and their families.

Every Australian Counts National Campaign Director John Della Bosca said: “Every night around Australia aging carers go to bed worried about what will happen to their son or daughter with a disability when they can no longer provide care and support.

“I know tonight they will sleep a little easier knowing the NDIS is on its way.”

“Tonight the Commonwealth has laid some strong foundations to make the NDIS real. The scheme is being launched sooner than we expected. For 20,000 people with a disability around the nation help is finally on its way,” Mr Della Bosca said.

“In a tight fiscal environment, committing $1 billion to disability reform represents an historic improvement and a positive change for Australians living with disability.

“For too long, disability has been in the too hard basket. The waiting lists for equipment, the lack of respite care and the underfunding of services has been a national disgrace. Today we start to right that wrong.

“The plan outlined tonight relies heavily on cooperation between the Federal, State and Territory governments.  I know that State Ministers around the country support the NDIS. They want to see it become a reality. So we look forward to everyone sitting around the table and working out how to make the NDIS a reality.

“Our Every Australian Counts campaign supporters have built a strong disability movement. Our supporters have worked tirelessly to put the NDIS on the political agenda and to keep it there.

“Tonight’s announcement is a tribute to their hard work. Tonight they know that their voices have finally been heard.”

For more information contact Daniel Dew – 0429 006 976


  • Great news! Now we just have to hope it gets to the right people, not just those who have case managers who grab all the cash for a selected few!

  • Well done to everyone for making disability front and centre of the new budget! A great beginning that will now require much cooperation, hard work and determination to ensure that those who need it most actually get this life-changing support. Let’s hope that over the coming years this program will become a national initiative that the rest of the world can be inspired by!

  • The announcement of the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme cannot be viewed as anything but the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on people with disabilities and carers.

    Tonight’s budget reveals just $342.5 million over three years for individualised packages for people with a disability and their families, the rest is to be spent on bureaucratic growth etc

    With these figures, how are we ever expected to reach an additional 6.8 billion per year by 2018?

    The most fundamental social policy reform since Medicare

    An NDIS will fundamentally change the way disability care and support is provided. It will provide peace of mind for people with significant and permanent disability and those who care for them.

    The Government will provide $1 billion over four years for the first stage of an NDIS in launch locations for 10,000 Australians from 1 July 2013, increasing to 20,000 participants from 1 July 2014. The funding will include:

    $342.5 million for individualised support for people with disability;
    $240.3 million over four years to build and operate an NDIS information technology system;
    $213.4 million over four years to properly evaluate and assess people’s needs and those of their carers. This will also include funding for Local Area Coordinators who will assist individuals in designing and managing a funded support package to meet their specific needs;
    $122.6 million over four years to increase the capacity of the disability services sector to deliver NDIS services and supports; and
    $53 million over four years for the NDIS Launch Transition Agency.

  • I would agree with Nerryl. Ther is not much funding going directly to people with a disability and their families. The 20,000 participants will recieve an average of $5,708 per year which is only enough to provide a minimal level of support, less than 3 hours a week of personal care. unlikely to provide the suport required

  • We already get $10000 ISP so if when averaged out everyone only get around the $6000 mark how is that really going to help. $10k only pays for 5 hours a fortnight and a little in travel costs hardly breaks the surface.

  • [...] Every Australian Counts campaign; NDIS: Budget makes it real [...]

  • Not enough $ to do more than scratch the surface, far to much spending on bureaucratic Bull bust!
    needs to be more focused at the user level

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