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Mar 22, 2012
Daniel Kyriacou

Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek invites you to a forum on the NDIS

Tanya Plibersek MP, Sydney - I Count

Tanya Plibersek MP, Sydney

You’re nvited to attend a public forum for local residents about the future of disability services in our country.

The Government knows that fundamental reform of disability services is desperately needed.

Finding care – the right kind at the time you need it – has been too hard for too long. It’s time Australia started work to turn a National Disability Insurance Scheme into a reality.

I want to invite you to find out more about what a National Disability Insurance Scheme will mean for our community, particularly people with disability and their families, and the path forward for this important reform.

The details are: 6.30pm – 7.30pm | Wednesday 28 March, Old Darlington School Building, Sydney University 

RSVP to or 9379 0700


  • Can and will this forum be taken interstate? Please don’t let the NDIS become only informed by the eastern seabord voice. What about other states, what about rural and remote; the intersection is so broad across this great multicultural nation that we need to be listening to many voices of people with disabilities.

  • Would love for a forum to be held out in the Western Suburbs (parramatta?).

  • Hi all, your loved one shows signs of not functioning as ‘usual’, soon to complain about being clumsy, dizzy. You take her/him off the road, you are lucky if she/he says yes and can afford it work wise. You gf to a GP, if lucky you get a referral to a specialist. And that where the journey starts, waiting….to get on a waiting list.Your loved one gets depressed and low. Pain sets in, frozen shoulder (usually takes 3 years to heal one). Spending money on Physio, masssage, Chinese herbs, treatments, back to GP: medications are being tried out….some have negative side effects. Still NO DIAGNOSIS. First falls backwards and sideways. No diagnosis even in Townsville. This can take years…sometimes you are forced to travel to a capital city to even get close. You keep working to pay all bills, support loved one, try to have a life, start to stress, carer medicated due to anxiety. Local public hospital overloded, your referral gets lost there. They don’t tell you about travel subsidies. You have already spent
    $ 10.000, (not counting lost income from partner), still no diagnosis. A physio surmises a stroke in the cerebellum. How brave and later proving to be close. You get on the internet, get a book about the brain out of Uni library and take it to your GP. They scratch their heads. Brains is not their field. The Dr. Patel saga erupts in Queensland. QLD GOV stops recruiting overseas doctors, allied health staff. There is NOTHING in the system, it has gone flat. You pack up your home and head for Brisbane Tertiary Hospital. After some time a progressive neurological disorder Atypical Parkinsons is diagnosed. We have never ever heard about this illness before. Our PC is packed away. No supports given by public health, no friends in Brissy, we live in hotels, motels, caravan parks. Looking for a place to live near Brisbane that is affordable. Time off work for compassionate reasons, unpaid. No Cnetrelink benefit for 6 months, no income for 6 months. . A further A$ 30.000 down to shute. We settle in a large country town for financial reasons and then HACC gets linked in – hygiene service, and 5 hours/week in the home help so that carer can go back to work. No disability yet established although partner has been 3 years factually disabled. Partner sits up to 10 hours/day alone at home. We don’t know one soul in this town. Carer comes home, does all for and with loved one. Neurologist attesting 4 years into the saga progression of illness. Appllication for Disability pension. Part-pension granted to loved one after 4 months and a full Neuro-Psych Test. Carer keeps working part-time as stress is mounting. Fear loved one falls and hits head on furniture. Carer gets massive head aches goes on a mild anti-depressant and fights reflux.
    Manager finally changed at work and in the ensuing chaos work becomes untenable. Carer negotiates with HR in Brissy, no outcome. Union dead loss. Carer applies for carer payment and allowance. More private funds burned as loved one needs high set car to get in. Spent in 7 years $ 80.000 out of our own pockets and dissolving some of the superannuation. $ 20.000 left in super for 2 adults. Neurologist In Brisbane does not want to do anything in respect to treatment and rehab. From 2009 once a year hospitalisations in the large country town, a very neglected part of Queensland, but this is the only way to get to know capable staff at the Hospital. Medical malpractice here and there, loved one close to death, carer in intensive care with heart attack, actually a panic attack (twice in 5 years). Every 3rd night surfing the internet for answers. Finding answers and 2 medications as well as 2 chiropractic and naturopathic treatments which actually work. No neurologist in our new home the large country city. We have to travel to Brisbane. Falling out of the computer system with the result, we did not see our Neurologist for 18 months. Information gathering if Melbourne would be a solution. Loved one too weak to move house, Took 2 years to find another neurologist in the public system who was willing TO DO SOMETHING – 8 years into a neurological illness.
    Writing abusive letters to Ministers State and Federal, contacting Medical Boards, Senators, Participating in Inquiries in the Senate. Labor dead loss – except for one female Minister who actually helped to make Disability Services Queensland actually support us from June 2010, LNP dead loss, Bob Katter dead loss, Tony Abbott Shadow Ministers dead loss, a Greens Senator answers in 2012 – 9 years into illness. We have spent now $ 100.000 and I think about the poor people who have got nothing in super or in the bank. Suicide, illness, despera-tion, this is the present oh so young and free Australia for disabled and their carers……Germany has introduced a NDIS alreay 30 years ago. 1.5% of income does into this fund. Australia is the leggard in practically anything. Good we have minerals to sell to the Chinese. I am grateful for this. Centrelink has been good to us. After 9 yeras we have finally a good medical and allied team around loved one. My pleas to link in a Psychiatrist or have loved one treated as an inpatient at a TERTIARY HOSPITAL has been rejected for 7 years. There you go. The Smart State. I changed the medication regime in Nov 2011 which was later signed off by our doctors with the result that loved one is walking again with walker after 4 years of sitting around. Lesson, the CARER keeps you alive , no one else. RIP

    • Hi Harald,
      What a struggle. Hoping you are OK today. THANKYOU for sharing your journey. I am a student doing a systems advocacy assessment locally (CV LGA). Your fight has given me extra motivation to continue.
      Hoping you are able to access some form of Carer respite from a regional community services agency…

    • dear harald, are you my old friend from bielefeld-times, bielefelder selbsthife, jenine, siegfriedstr.?
      if so, lets get into contakt again, if not I wish you lots of power and love to manage your situation. I had no idea, that medical care in australia is so difficult, shows me once again that germany is not the worst country to live in, afterall. Love and lots of good thoughts from Connie Schumann.

  • Will you travel across to South Australia/Adelaide?? A lot of People with disabilitiy’s live in Adelaide and we would like to know how it will work!!

  • My Son was refer to hospital for head scan and see mental health and was told to go back see his doctor because you need to say for mental health to help you that you want to harm or kill yourself to get hepl on the day you see mental health social worker. So my son did not get scan and he did not get depression pills that he been on still 18yld after he was locked up and at this time all his hospital records went missing and solicitor did not get them again so Judge had nothing to look at about his health. Then he get parole at 21yld and he trys to get help and about what happen. Then he was sick on day to report to parole Officer and i ring early that morning to let them know my son is ill then what happens he parole was broken and in 4 months of trying to get help again at 2 hospital , many doctor apmts and, psychar apmt they throw him back in gaol and has his 22nd bday there too. Since back in jail a professor that a solicitor arranged to see him writes a report that he has brain injury and needing tests and should of being treated under the law act 32 section from the beginner at 14yld. So my poor son sit and rots in there with no help and i can not sleep as i know and his doctor told me and i seen for myself while my son was on parole they have made him 100 time worst from mental illness locking him up. I hate not having the money to safe my son health, I am on treatment disability*back operation needed) and they send him far away so i can not see him and i am lucky my son hasn’t die or if he did its so what you wouldn’t heard about it..Now we have a caring lawyer who i am relying on to save my son. I am aranging for my son to get tests to see how bad his brain injury is and learn more about this. The Judge adjoured his case as waiting on screening tests in Silverwater but the jail sent him to Nowra where he can not get tests. The Lawyer has contacted Health Jutice and sent report of the professor to the jail to try get these tests but she can not comfirm 100% if the report has been seen by the jail. Also Lawyer lodged form to stop transport.So where is the Justice there is no such thing for people who are unwell.

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