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Apr 27, 2012
James O'Brien

Leading pollies round out Melbourne rally

We are pleased to announce that Federal Attorney General Nicola Roxon MP, Senator Mitch Fifield, the Federal Shadow Minister for Disabilities, Carers and the Voluntary Sector and the Victorian Minister for Community Services will also be addressing the Melbourne ‘Make it Real Rally’ on Monday 30 April at Federation Square at noon.

Over the past few years, Mitch has campaigned hard on the NDIS and has played a positive and productive role in ensuring the NDIS has become an area of rare policy and political agreement between the Government and the Opposition.

Mitch is looking forward to the rally and recently told Every Australian Counts that:  

I am looking forward to again lending my voice on Monday to this great cause. The rally will be another important step towards realising an NDIS.
I have campaigned for an NDIS around Australia and in the Australian Parliament. This is a necessary and overdue reform.
An NDIS should be owned by the nation as whole. It should be above and beyond partisan politics. The NDIS is an idea whose time has come.
Mary Wooldridge has been a leading voice on the NDIS and has been pushing very hard to get an agreement about the NDIS on the national agenda. She has placed Victoria at the forefront of shaping the NDIS and played a key role in helping marshall a national agreement.
Nicola Roxon has been a great supporter of the NDIS both in her local community and at the Cabinet table. She will continue to have a key role in the development of the NDIS as Attorney General.  
We are fortunate to have Nicola, Mitch and Mary on the day and they will join Every Australian Count’s own Kirsten Deane, NDIS campaigners Milly Parker and Tricia Malowney and Federal Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes on the main stage at Federation Square to outline their stance on the NDIS.


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  • the NDIS thing should have been in long ago.I am on a disability, i’m currently not well, and i doubt i will be able to join in the rally, as i would have like too. I live in melbourne I have worked hard all my life. I have arithitis choking my spine, so i’m waiting for a live safing operation right now, i’m scared, cause i have to wait, i don’t have private health cover, if i did i’m sure the op would have been done by now. I worked so hard in my life, and i don’t think i deserve this. I had an op done on the lower back to make sure i could keep walking, and i was astonished, i was only in hospital 3-4 day. I was told i would go to rehabilitation afterwards, but i was sent home to cope, fairly much alone, i got some home, thanks goodness for home help, but it wasn’t enough. and now i’m awaiting my next op will be be on my upper back and neck. god help me……HOw will i cope i don’t know and i’m not even 59 YET!!
    Enjoy your day ppl. I count i hope…..!!!Will it be too late for me?

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