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For children

Many children with disabilities do not receive adequate early intervention or support during the early years to ensure they reach their full potential.

Vital learning opportunities are lost because too few hours of therapy and support are available.

The NDIS would invest in children by ensuring they receive targeted support and adequate early intervention tailored to their unique needs.

No two children with a disability are the same. If delivered at the right time services such as speech therapy, physical therapy and specialised equipment such as communication aides can dramatically improve learning and social outcomes for children with a disability.

It’s about giving them the best start in life possible.

Read Billie’s story

Hear about Billie's story

Billie, four years old Read Billie’s story

If an the NDIS was here we would have the equipment that children need to physically get to school and do the things that children need to do. Like walking around, opening cupboards, standing and painting, playing circle games standing up. You cannot underestimate how important that is. - Heike, Billie's Mum end quotation