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At home

Many people with a disability are left in hospital or rehabilitation facilities for lengthy periods of time because there are insufficient funds for home modifications.

Many people and families wait too long for vital equipment – and as a result some people’s conditions worsen or their families are forced to go to extraordinary lengths to purchase the equipment themselves. Having the right support and the right equipment makes a dramatic difference to the quality of life of everyone in the family.

The NDIS would ensure people had the appropriate home modifications, equipment and support they needed to make sure they were able to live as independently as possible. It’s about ensuring people get what they need to live comfortably in their own homes and in their own communities. It’s about allowing people to choose what support works best for them. It’s all about a chance at an ordinary life.

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Claire, mother to 9 year old daughter, councillor, life coach and author Read Claire’s story

An NDIS is so important because it gives everybody a fair go and that’s what being Australian is all about. I want to contribute to my community, to do that I need support in place. The NDIS will support me as an individual. It will give me a quality of life. end quotation