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Jun 14, 2012
James O'Brien

Disabled need more formal support: report

Below is an article in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald which re-inforces the need for the NDIS.  

One in three Australians with a disability say they need more formal support, according to a report to be released today.

The report, issued by the Council of Australian Governments reform council, is likely to strengthen calls for a National Disability Insurance Scheme. The council reports on the outcomes of the National Disability Agreement, which governs the more than $6 billion in annual government spending on disability services.

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Jun 1, 2012
James O'Brien

South Australia makes a big play for a NDIS launch site

Below is an article below by Rebecca Puddy from The Australian on 1 June. Well done to the South Australian Government for putting forward this $20m investment – it shows they are serious about participating in the NDIS launch.  

Injection of funds flags bid for NDIS scheme

South Australia is the first state to contribute funds to the Gillard government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme, committing $20 million in a bid to secure one of four national launch sites.

The financial commitment to the launch of the national scheme forms part of the state Labor government’s $212.5m funding injection into the disability sector, announced yesterday by Treasurer Jack Snelling as a cornerstone of his second budget.

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May 29, 2012
James O'Brien

NDIS rollout date uncertain

Below is an article in The Australian on 29 May by Sue Dunlevy. PS – it is why we need to keep the pressure on!

THE federal government yesterday refused to say whether the full rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme would be completed by the Productivity Commission’s timeline of 2018-19.

The opposition used Senate estimates committees to grill the government over the scheme, which it says it supports even though Coalition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey has described it as “a cruel hoax” he cannot commit to because it is not fully funded. Continue reading »
May 28, 2012
James O'Brien

National Disability Insurance Scheme under the spotlight in Senate Estimates

The following is the text of an email from the Shadow Minister for Disabilities, Carers and the Voluntary Sector Senator Mitch Fifield in relation to the discussion of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) during the Senate Estimates hearings which are underway in Canberra. These hearings are an opportunity to really delve into the detail of policy and matters of government business and generally see senior public servants grilled by a committee of Senators from across party lines.

The first week of Senate Estimates hearings has provided an opportunity to question the Government as to its plan to implement a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It is important to question the details of the scheme to ensure we get it right. The Coalition supports the NDIS and I took an opportunity to remind the Government of this.

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May 23, 2012
James O'Brien

Have your say on new national standards for disability services

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

From the Minister for Community Services

The Victorian Coalition Government is seeking public input into the national standards for disability services in preparation for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge announced today. Continue reading »

May 22, 2012
James O'Brien

Transcript of interview: Senator Mitch Fifield on the NDIS


ABC News Radio With Marius Benson 22 May 2012 8.45am

MARIUS BENSON: Mitch Fifield you’re accusing the Gillard Government of scoring political points, the Prime Minister in particular is scoring political points on the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The Government is saying much the same about you. Now, politicians accusing the other politicians of playing politics can bring a fairly jaundiced response from the public. Continue reading »

May 21, 2012
James O'Brien

Mr Hockey, we cannot afford not to have a NDIS

Below is an opinion piece from Stella Young, the Editor of ABC’s Ramp Up website ( which appeared on The Drum today (

“When it comes to the NDIS, I am Dr Yes,” was Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s statement when he attended the NDIS rally in Perth last month. Continue reading »

May 21, 2012
James O'Brien

Gillard’s driving ambition to take the fear out of disability

Below is an article that appeared in The Weekend Australian from Sue O’Reilly who has written extensively on the NDIS for The Australian.

In an attempt to allay the growing fears of disability reform advocates and counter increasingly strident accusations from political opponents that the Labor government is not serious about creating a National Disability Insurance Scheme – that it’s all just “a cruel hoax”, as many critics have put it — Julia Gillard points to the “lessons of history”. Continue reading »

May 16, 2012
James O'Brien

Time for everyone to take a deep breath on the NDIS …

It has been a big couple of weeks for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Last Tuesday we welcomed the Federal Budget allocation of $1 billion to kick off the first stage.

This is an important commitment and provides for a very solid foundation from which to build the NDIS. It is also the first time that the Commonwealth has seriously invested in disability services as a feature of a budget delivered in a very tight fiscal environment.

As part of this announcement, the Federal Government is asking the States to contribute to the NDIS moving forward, with the split being approximately 78% Commonwealth and 22% State. This effectively turns on its head the current arrangements under the National Disability Agreement, where the States fund the majority of the current $7 billion.

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May 15, 2012
Fiona Anderson

Disability levy raises hackles

This article appeared in the Courier Mail, 15 May 2012. By Anna Caldwell and Steven Wardill

PREMIER Campbell Newman has rejected calls for a levy to fund landmark disability reform, despite refusing Federal
Government requests for the state to help pay for the scheme.

While both sides of the Federal Parliament agree on the need for a National Disability Insurance Scheme, Mr Newman has dug in his heels over funding the state’s share, and criticised the scheme recommended by the Productivity Commission.

The Gillard Government has not ruled out a levy or a tax to pay the $13 billion-a-year price tag on the full scheme - an option canvassed last year by the Productivity Commission and also requires states to spend extra money to roll the scheme out nationally.

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