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Mar 6, 2012
I Count

Bill Hall’s Story

Picture-2My name is Bill Hall and here is a part of my story. I have been suffering constant pain dating back to the eighty’s and, on top of that I’ve had 17 years of heart disease with AF, DVTs, pulmonary embolisms and the like. After being hospitalised over 30 times, at least for me, it’s certainly time to make the NDIS real.

It’s hard being unable to work and to contribute to our wonderful country! I attended the government shopfront to inform them I’d qualified for the disability pension but was refused due to it being means-tested against my partners income. This has been going on for decades and not having an income makes me completely dependent on my partner financially.

The only other support I’ve received from this or any previous government was a disabled parking sticker for the car. My future is uncertain, as it is with so many disabled and some support in allowing us some decency, dignity and proper support wouldn’t go astray!

Bill Hall

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