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Apr 19, 2012
James O'Brien

Big Day Out-look: Pakenham to go all the way to the city

Huge NDIS supporters Outlook, based at Pakenham in Melbourne’s south east, are planning to make Monday 30 April huge as part of the NDIS Make it Real Melbourne rally.

Outlook will be holding a rally at the Pakenham Library from 9am on the morning of the 30 April before marching down the Main Street of Pakenham to the Pakenham Railway Station from where they will be catching trains to head to Melbourne’s Federation Square for the big rally at noon.

Tony Fitzgerald the CEO of Outlook highlighted the importance of the NDIS and the rally, telling Every Australian Counts that:

“We’re a wealthy country but have people living like they are in the third world – don’t tell me we can’t fix this problem.”

“This is the greatest reform since Medicare and we must tell all governments not to let this opportunity slip.”

Every Australian Count congratulates the Outlook team on their initiative and we look forward to seeing a big crew from Pakenham at Fed Square on the day.

Details of the Pakenham rally are:

9am – Pakenham Library Cnr John & Henry Street Pakenham.

Then march down Main Street to the Pakenham Railway Station to catch the train to Flinders Street for the rally at Federation Square.

Outlook will have a marquee at Federation Square on the day.

Photograph: Count Us In for two rallies in one day – the Outlook team will be having a big one!


  • Hi , i will be there but i wanted to know where i can get a t shirt from and a flag or banner.



  • hi tracey and all im the wife of a client of out-look and he was told that he would of been payed all day if he went on this rally, he rilly didnt what to go on it but he did,then when he was going with the workers and the other clients to the pakenham rally today . then to be told today that he and the other clients well not be payed, if that go to paky but only if they were to go to the city they well be payed, to me this is not right they should stick to what they said last week to the client.o ps i heared from the other clients the same thing they said it to.please reply to my message here these workers all came from hallam

    • Hmm .. Could be true I don’t support Anna coz I just don’t.. Never did and it isn’t due to any of these cool’ to do lists.But I see your point!

  • That is a couple otsautnding Old Timers from the Baker Area. They look as though they are really excited about the RALLY. Great work Steve. Will be looking for you again soon.

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