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Mar 8, 2012
I Count

Bianca Sames’s Story

My name is Bianca, my husband Ed and I have two beautiful daughters, Leandra is 8 with Autism and a moderate to severe developmental delay, and Taylor is 7 with Autism and a mild developmental delay. We find it hard to access much needed therapies for our girls as there is just not enough money to cover all the costs and 18 months ago I had to give up working due to back surgery as I have an extra vertebrae and degenerative disc conditions that make it difficult to sit, stand or walk for very long. My husband works all the time to pay our mortgage and support the 4 of us as I am not entitled to a disability allowance. With improved insurance schemes our daughters futures and my future look much brighter and we can have hope that any problems we have now will only improve not get worse, please make this happen NOW!!!

Bianca Sames

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