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Aug 12, 2012
James O'Brien

Barwon NDIS launch ready for take off!

The Every Australian Counts campaign for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has welcomed today’s news from the Australian and Victorian Governments that the NDIS will be launched in the Barwon region from 1 July 2013.

This is an excellent result for people living with disability, their families and carers as well as the broader Geelong and Barwon community.

We congratulate the Prime Minister, Premier Baillieu, Minister Macklin and Minister Wooldridge for finally getting the deal done.

Under the deal, about 5000 people with disability in the Barwon region will be able to access NDIS style support and care: this means access to comprehensive support packages that meets individual needs, the ability to choose different service providers and to be closely supported by local area co-ordinators so they can better navigate the system.

The Every Australian Counts campaign is pleased that Victoria is now included in the launch of the NDIS as Victoria has much to offer the launch, in particular 15 years of experience in self directed, individualised approaches, which are the principles underpinning the NDIS.

The successful launches of the NDIS is critical to ensuring its long term sustainability and success as it rolls out across the nation into the future. This roll out, however, at the moment is not assured and therin lies the next big campaign challenge.

The Geelong and Barwon region has campaigned hard for the NDIS, not just individuals but also a coalition of service providers, educational organisations and other high profile groups such as the City of Greater Geelong, the Colac Otway Shire, the G21 Regional Alliance and Deakin University.

Whilst agreements on the five NDIS launch sites (Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, the ACT and South Australia) are welcome, they will only cover about 20,000 people across the nation.

The Productivity Commission estimated about 410,000 people with disability will be eligible for direct support from the NDIS so we are very much at the infancy of the reform.

The campaign now looks to the Australian Government to:

Legislate for the NDIS

Set up the independent National Disability Insurance Authority that will operate the NDIS and;

Table a long term funding and implementation plan that will guarantee the full roll out of the NDIS across the nation beyond the current launch sites.

Media enquiries:

James O’Brien – or 0409 860 708



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  • I have twins who both have C.P. and am so glad that help is on the way. I worry most nights about our future, as I am a single mother I cant even go to hospital for a gall stone operation as I dont have anyone to care for my kids.
    I;m glad that people are standing up for what is right, lets hope it makes the lives of all Australians more equal and happy. Thank you NDIS

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